New NASA funding for Landsat/Sentinel-2 Phenology

SEAL PI Dr. Josh Gray recently received funding through NASA’s LCLUC program to create an operationally produced, moderate resolution phenology product from Landsat and Sentinel-2 data. The proposal, “An Operational Multisource Land Surface Phenology Product from Landsat and Sentinel 2” was led by Dr. Mark Friedl of Boston University’s Dept. of Earth and Environment. Dr. Gray will be a co-investigator. The three year project leverages the results from Friedl and Gray’s past LCLUC award which established data fusion methods for Landsat and Sentinel-2. An adaptive version of the MODIS MCD12Q2 Collection 6 phenology algorithm will be applied to blended Landsat-Sentinel image time series to create 30 m resolution maps of phenology for the continental United States.